Chilly but fun day - thanks again for coming out, everyone! Click for final results:

by class w/all times

(by class w/best time)

(by fastest run overall)

Note: due to weather-related and driver-related timing issues, only runs #4 and #5 counted for everyone.
Results at the first link above show runs #4 and #5 for heat 1, runs #2 through #6 for heat 2, and runs
#4 through #6 for heat 3. First runs for everyone did not count and aren't shown. "DSQ" next to a run
at the first link above means it was probably a good time, but was disqualified from the final results
due to the aforementioned timing issues - to keep things fair for everyone. Again we apologize.

The above results are now final. This is NOT considered a championship event after all.

Pics & more vids coming soon, in the meantime a few vids are on Jon's youtube channel